Realtime stitched LIVE 360 and VR mode monitoring from your smartphone with watermarked rapid 360 social publishing.

Spheri app

What is it?

SpheriIt’s a 360 video directors production tool and a rapid 360 publisher app for social 360.

Instant 360 previews, VR mode and magic window modes, powered by a smartphone with a Ricoh Theta S connected via a USB and OTG cable to an Android smartphone.

Custom nadir watermarked Facebook authenticated rapid smartphone publishing.

Who is it for?

For VR film directors and professionals making critical camera positional decisions of full 360 rigs, Spheri is an assistive tool to obtain instant previews.

For mojos and 360 brand story tellers looking for rapid publishing options for 360 photo and video publishing to Facebook with custom watermarks.

Spheri is up to 180% faster than manufacturer’s default WiFi and image process on a smartphone. Spheri is for people who demand instantaneousness.

Where can I see it?

Get it on Google PlaySpheri is currently in closed beta at the moment, distributed only via Google Play to select invited partners.

To request an invitation to the closed beta, please get in touch with us regarding your interest and complete this form to request access.

We are rapidly developing further features of Spheri. Thanks for your interest!

Features - Spheri app

  1. Plug ‘n play start detection via USB to initalise app
  2. Instant real time stitched dual lens output from USB connected Ricoh Theta S in LIVE mode
  3. App gallery of captured media, videos and photos
  4. 720 resolution capture – suitable for Facebook social 360 publishing
  5. 360 live monitoring in VR headset Cardboard or mobile touch view
  6. App gallery for photo and video captures
  7. Authenticates to Facebook for publishing to personal and page profiles
  8. Custom nadir watermarking patching – your selectable logo in your 360 video or photo – auto inserted at moment of publication

In development- Spheri app

  1. LAN streaming for multiple headset VR mode LIVE 360 video monitoring
  2. Mobile 360 streaming to private CDN
  3. Mobile 360 streaming to social 360 broadcasting: Facebook and Persicope
  4. Bonded connectivity 1080 web 360video streaming – smartphone emission and end user consumption
  5. Simulated stitch zones overlay filters for multiple 360 camera geometries
  6. UAV specific LIVE monitoring solutions
  7. Point and shoot 360 live watermark annotating
  8. API integrations to file transfer services
  9. Simultaneous in app publishing and web publishing of LIVE 360
  10. Increased camera vendor compatability

Is Spheri available as an app purchase?

Spheri will be available as licensed 360 video professional subscription software with continual iterations for expanded functionality and hardware compatability.



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