Your 360 video content in your own branded 360 player app for your audience.

VR Player app

What is it?

App StoreIt’s a 360 white labelled player app for streaming 360 videos in mobile or Virtual Reality headset mode.

Get it on Google PlayBuilt on Google VR SDK’s in Unity, with extensive modifications, hosted on Google Cloud Services and integrated with streaming media services, the Player app boasts a class leading set of viewer features for VR smartphone playback for Android and iOS viewers.

Who is it for?

For brands, broadcasters, 360 video publishers, or creator studios demanding an ad free, pure environment for 360 film playback in their own app.

Standalone purchased, or time licensed integated to your existing app, it’s a best of breed 360 video app player for iOS and Android viewers to enjoy your copyrighted content.

Keep your full length content on your platform, keep your audience engaged.

Where can I see it?

VR CityThe Everywoah player app is currently deployed as standalone white label build for the 360 film creator studio VR-City, available for Android devices on Google Play and for iOS on iTunes.

Man CityThe Player app has also been integrated to the Manchester City FC 360 app, originally known as CityVR. The app is available for Android devices on Google Play and for iOS on iTunes.

Features - VR Player app

  1. Mobile touch, magic window,  and VR headset mode playback
  2. Mobile touch in all directions in both orientations of the device – most players are limited by touch in one direction
  3. Center reset of the film canvas at playback irrespective of device angle – no risk of seeing floor at start-up like YouTube 360
  4. Active anti drift gyroscope correction for optimum playback
  5. Download video for offline or streaming on demand
  6. Single play button operation – reduction of UI elements
  7. Spatial sound playback for downloaded films – uniquely including mobile touch spatial sound
  8. Private URL viewing within the app – restricted to authorised URLs
  9. Deep content film links with Open Graph Tag optimisation for optimal social sharing
  10. Branded short links for deep links

How much time and fee do I budget for a VR Player app?

Fees and timelines for VR Player apps will vary by the exact feature set, frequency, volume, and streaming needs of 360 video publishing, permanence or integration of the app.



VR Player

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