Metadata inject your 360 video from any smartphone.

VRfix app

What is it?

App StoreIt’s smartphone 360 video tool app to prepare spherical videos for publishing on Facebook and YouTube which demand metadata is incorporated to a 360 video for correct playback display with spherical controls..

Get it on Google PlayThe app does not editorially alter 360 video. It is limited to metadata file injection. Metadata is often lost during editing with other mobile video editing apps.

Who is it for?

For 360 publishers, amateurs and professional mobile journalists alike, especially those dependant on a mobile workflow who are making edits beyond limitations of camera vendor triming software, or whom use other mobile video editing apps.

VRfix is particularly targeted for owners of auto stitching consumer 360 cameras.

Where can I see it?

VRfix is a paid app available for  Android devices on Google Play and for  iOS on iTunes.

VRfix has a dedicated website, with extensive FAQ, video tutorials on  YouTube, and support available from the app and on Twitter @VRfix.

Features - VRfix app

  1. Available for iOS and Android
  2. 4k worflows available on Android devices
  3. Saves a copy of metadata injected 360 video to your device in a devoted VRfix album
  4. Settings to modify folder locations where VRfix saves to and reads from – Android
  5. Random GIPHY of your choice upon completion of metadata injection – no more dull OK messages.
  6. Native file picker on Android – better file handling
  7. In app support, tutorials, FAQ, and best practices for VRfixers at
  8. Feature improvements in development include integrations to/from other mojo video apps and more by summer 2017

I'm a video app maker, can I license or offer VRfix to my users?

VRfix is available for integration to other apps in some circumstances.



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