Liz vs lettuce

Liz vs lettuce

The lettuce won ?.

The trusty vegetable outlasted UK Prime Minister, The Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss, the Conservative MP for South West Norfolk on day seven of the infamous challenge.

The puntastic Daily Star’s incisive satire and appetite for LOLs captured imagination worldwide in times of woe and political chaos, and Everywoah were delighted to step up to the plate and meet the request to serve up the official googly eyed Lactuca sativa var. capitata for the famed british tabloid.

The lettuce is now forever destined to rank highly among other revered food metaphors of British political folklore joining the likes of the tub of lard (Roy Hattersley), eggs (John Prescott, and various), milkshake (Nigel Farage), custard pies (Ann Widdecombe, Rupert Murdoch), and the more contemporary bacon sarnie (Ed Miliband).

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