About us

Our history and mission

The top line

Everywoah are an Augmented Reality developer team specialising in the Spark AR, Facebook Inc. Platform, serving brands with filters and experiences for social media fan engagement campaigns.

Everywoah is a limited company (Sociedad Limitada) formed in December 2016 registered and headquartered in Barcelona Spain.

We operate as a highly motivated remote based team proudly serving clients in Europe, the Americas, and Africa.

  • 2014
    Glass half full
    We toiled as a Google Glassware accredited developer team serving enterprise and consumer brands.
  • 2015
    Apps for the beautiful game
    We made first gen Virtual Reality iOS and Android apps for ManCity FC on Cardboard, and produced Matchday Android Wear apps for fan engagement.
  • 2016
    VR player apps and VRfix
    We innovated with 360º video camera apps, built VRfix for meta data injection, and launched class leading VR player apps for acclaimed studios like VR City.
  • 2016
    Hacking a way forward
    We produced 360 video stitching apps and were accepted by the acceleartor NUMA from a talent pool of 500 applicants.
  • 2016
    Bootstrapped and running
    We took winter residence at the Palau del Mar, Barcelona for a 12 week mentorship and acceleration programme earning welcome seed investment to constitute Everywoah as a limited company.
  • 2017
    Mojo apps and 360º
    We exited stealth with a stitching Ricoh camera app, became official plugin developers, and produced live streaming 360º video apps to platforms such as Persicope.
  • 2017
    He who dares...
    We succesfully pitched to Facebook to become first wave AR Studio developers and soon after gained beta partner status of the nascent augmented reality platform.
  • 2017
    AR Studio beta partners
    We produced AR camera effects for Manchester's Parklife Festival for the We Love MCR Red Cross Emergency fund. We combined real time donation data from crowdfunding platform Just Giving with facially tracked art featuring the iconic bee motif.
  • 2017
    Attracting big name brands
    We extended our camera effects for Manchester City versus Manchester United for a USA tour International Cup friendly tournament in the USA.
  • 2017
    Brainy immersion
    We developed a world first Muse brainwave controlled Samsung Gear VR app, Positivity, for StoryUp. Listen to the Kent Bye podcast.
  • 2018
    Clients in UK, Spain, Europe
    We continued to serve top brands in music, fashion, and sports with successful branded Augmented Reality Effects for Facebook Pages.
  • 2019
    Mobile World Capital
    New investors
    We became a Mobile World Capital invested company and exhibited at 4YFN.
  • 2019
    Facebook, Messenger, Instagram
    Beta testing
    During 6 months we beta published Instagram unbranded camera effects gaining millions of impressions. GlitchyCam topped 200m impressions in 100 days with 20m weekly peaks.
  • 2019
    Brand #ARvalanche kicks off
    In June, we beta published branded camera effects on Instagram for major eyewear brand Transitions and Essilor.
  • 2019
    Snapcode for Mad Love
    Snap lenses
    In July we developed and published Snap lenses with accurate hair segmentation techniques for pop artists like Mabel and more.

Where we’re heading

We’ve made loads of Spark AR camera effects for top brands that have reached millions of people.

We’re committed to delivering successful engaging campaigns with Spark AR technologies across Facebook Inc. family of apps products.

We believe immersive content is where the woah is happening now and we always aim to woah .

Not just everywhere.


Who are we

Skilled in immersive development, design, and marketing.
Paul and Alberto