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Skilled in immersive development, design, and marketing.

The core trio team have worked together on numerous wearable, app, 360 video, VR and AR projects since 2015 and joined forces in December 2016 to form Everywoah.

Paul and Alberto

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Paul Gailey Alburquerque

Paul Gailey Alburquerque

Biz / Sales & Marketing
Alberto Linares Costa

Alberto Linares Costa

Dev / Production & Creative

About Everywoah

Our history and mission

Where we came from

Everywoah  are an Augmented Reality developer team specialising in the Spark AR, Facebook Inc. Platform, serving brands with filters and experiences for social media fan engagement campaigns.

Everywoah is a limited company (Sociedad Limitada) formed in December 2016 registered and headquartered in Barcelona Spain.

In late 2016 Everywoah was awarded a place as a NUMA season one top ten accelerated start-up for a 12 week mentoring stint exiting stealth at the Mobile World Congress, 4YFN 2017 event.

Mobile World Capital

We are now a Mobile World Capital, mVentures backed company.

We operate as a remote based team proudly serving clients in Europe, the Americas, and Africa.

Where we’re heading

We started with immersive development as Google Glassware accredited developers during 2014 serving brands on Google Glass.

We made first gen VR apps for brands like ManCity, and became Ricoh Camera Android official developers.

In June 2017 we were invited to become developers of AR Studio, Facebook Inc.’s predecessor of the Spark AR Platform.

We’ve built dozens of Spark AR camera effects for top tier brands that have amassed millions of impressions.

We believe immersive content is where the woah is happening right now and we always aim to woah .

Not just everywhere.