Camera Effects for Campaigns

Fun and Utility
Versatile, compelling, powerful, and complimentary to brand activations.
Remixable branded UGC
Inventive, immersive, intimate, inside the selfie. and beyond.
Next level engagement
Unrivalled conversion, velocity, and reach for campaign performance.
Groupo selfie at Festival We Color, La Lonja, Argentina
01 – Creative process

Thrill your fans

We design with your fans in mind. We listen, we’re flexible. We can adapt your existing creative and build an optimal Camera Effect or craft from scratch to meet a communication brief.
02 – Production and testing

Rapid turnarounds,
close collaboration

Demo videos during production phase
Private test it links for your Camera Effect
Regular chat and video feedback sessions
Revisions and cross device testing
Fan design
Superior engagement

Fan Engagement Win

We know the quirks, limits, and opportunities of Spark AR. Video Calls to Action, incentivisation, contests, influencer planning; we’ll guide you based on our experience of successful camera effect activations with proven techniques and honed strategies.


Do you manage the creative or only development?
We do both. We often work with clients who already have an idea of the creative but may need guidance as to what is feasible with Spark AR. We can advise you what works, what tends to appeal to fans, and suggest feasible creative options for you.
How do you work a brief?
We listen first and advise how and if Spark AR ican meet your campaign needs. Based on your creative concept, be it from an image, a sketched idea, or a video, we can produce a no obligation intial mood board slide deck with an outline description of a feasible camera effect. This typically takes two to three days after an initial video call held with you.
What's the turnaround time for a camera effect?
We guarantee to turnaround and deliver a campaign camera effect within ten working days of an order agreement. Factors that affect delivery timetables include agreement of a creative brief, supply of valid assets, complexity of the agreed features, and typical approvals by Facebook Inc.
How do I place an order for an AR filter?
Following an introductory video call and if possible a brief from you, a presented moodboard slide deck or quotation document from us, and agreed refinements, we issue an Order Agreement for every camera effect project, setting our the simple terms and invoice details between the parties to formalise an order. Subject to return of the Order Agreement and issue of Purchase Order we set to work on your camera effect or filter. We can do all of the above within three days though project start times may depend on our current workload.
How long does Facebook Inc. take to approve a filter?
Approvals for Spark AR camera effects can take upto five business days, but on average are three or less.
How can I ensure my effect is approved by Facebook or Instagram?
Approvals are not automatic for submitted camera effects as all effects are subject to Facebook and Instagram guidelines and terms. We have ample experience of the practical guidelines and will lead you to ensure creative, policy, and technical compliance is met to minimise campaign risk of rejection.
How does my brand camera effect get published to my fans and followers?
In addition to the design and development of your camera effect, we undertake the submission and activation of your camera effect, and closely advise you how to publish, promote, and optimise it's launch be it on Facebook, Instagram , or within Messenger. In order to submit your camera effect for Facebook Inc. approval and to activate it, a Page or Profile Admin will need to delegate our developers as authorised Spark AR managers to the Page or Profile. We can advise how to complete this simple procedure and take care of the submission process.
Can you publish an Instagram AR filter for my brand profile?
As of now August 10th, ALL brands can now publish compliant AR filters on Instagram as the beta has formally ended. Contact us to discuss your project.
What's the price for a camera effect project?
We price according to a structured Ratecard. We categorise camera effect development fees subject to complexity of Spark AR features. We discount based on volume, origination of creative assets, distribution channel, and other factors such as press coverage or significant social citation to a lesser degree. For example, if you can supply layered PSD assets, and/or 3d .obj models, this will significantly reduce the quotation for your camera effect. If your camera effect for example requires external networking, 3rd party API integration, or advanced React programming, or beta Spark AR features, the development fee may increase relative to an average camera effect fee. Contact us for a quotation.
Is my branded effect campaign success guaranteed?
Like all campaigns, some effects are more successful than others. No two camera effects are alike just as no two brands are. There are many factors affecting the outcome not withstanding the technical and artistic merit of the camera effect. We will guide you during the planning, production, and launch phases with the goal of excellence at all times. We will work with you to avoid common errors, gain competitive advantage, and prepare for an optimal launch of your camera effect together with other stakeholders. Where there's a way, there's a woah.
Do my fans have to follow my Page or profile to get the filter on their device?
All Instagram, and Facebook filters are links, that anyone can try if they have the link. Non fans can store the filter to their camera tray for future, however all Page Fans, and Profile followers will always see the icon to the filter in their camera tray. Fans may also see a Try it link in their feeds and Stories on Facebook and Instagram , and other new sections of the Facebook Inc. family of apps as they evolve.
What's the difference between a camera effect and a filter?
None. The terminology is interchangeable. Formally referred to by Facebook Inc. as Camera Effects, they are also commonly referred to as filters, AR filters, face filters, lenses, effects, world effects, overlay stickers, stuff. This may vary by language and culture.

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