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Instagram vs YouTube, who dARes wins

When top acts like Jennifer Lopez and Madonna release new songs and videos, the total reach and velocity of impressions as a Top Ten trending YouTube hit is immense. So how does an Instagram AR filter, released on a modest personal profile, stack up against the titans of pop?
Medicine from Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

The influential Latin actress, singer, dancer performer released Medicine featuring Moroccan-America rapper, French Montana. The jazz-hop melody layered bass and drum song reached the Billboard nº1 Dance Club songs chart in April 2019. The white carnival monochromatic freak show video premiered on YouTube in April.

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Jennifer Lopez, Medicine 12000000 weekly impressions
12000000 weekly impressions
Madonna, Medellín 15000000 weekly impressions
15000000 weekly impressions
Albestio, GlitchyCam 20000000 weekly impressions
20000000 weekly impressions

GlitchyCam on Instagram

Over ONE billion impressions in 2019
Appeals to the zeitgeist of partially concealing identity
Reach and velocity outperforming YouTube Top Ten trending hits
F8 Video 2019

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